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Working Capital Loans for Owner-Builders / Investors

BuildersCapital.Loan Traditional Bank
(A Construction Loan)
Loan to Value: 100%
$15,000 – $350,000
70 – 80%
of appraised value
Loan Amount Eligibility: 2.5 X Adjusted Income
on your personal tax returns
Income to Debt Ratio: 40% 40%
Out of Pocket: None 20 – 30%
of appraised value
Fees Paid Out: Lender and broker fees
paid out of loan proceeds
Lender and broker fees
paid out of loan proceeds
Restrictions: No collections
No late payments
General Contractor NOT Required
General Contractor
Terms: P&I loan (36 – 120 mo.)
No prepayment penalty
12-18 months
Interest only
construction loan
Credit Report: Soft Credit Report
pulled from Experian
(Min. 720 FICA score)
Full Credit Report
from 3 credit bureaus

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Loan Application

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  • Please provide your full legal name as it appears on official documents.
  • Include your current residential address, phone number, and a valid email address for communication.
  • Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Enter the amount you are seeking for your loan. This should represent the total sum you wish to borrow. (i.e., a number between 15,000 and 350,000)
    Please enter a number from 15000 to 350000.
  • Indicate the number of months you would like the loan term to extend. This determines the duration for repayment. (i.e., a number between 36 and 120)
    Please enter a number from 36 to 120.
  • Specify when you would like to have the loan funds disbursed. This helps us understand your timeline and better serve your needs.
  • Provide your current credit score. This helps us assess your eligibility for various loan options.
  • Please select one or more options that apply to your income:
  • State your total income before deductions or taxes on a monthly basis.
  • Specify your existing monthly financial commitments, including loans, credit card payments, and other obligations.
  • Please select your current housing status:
  • Please enter your monthly mortgage or rental payment amount (enter 0 if you do not have any payments):

  • Note: To process your loan application, the loan officer may request a copy of your driver's license, proof of income, bank statements, and two years' tax returns, among other necessary documents.

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